Escape to Reality

“The fact that statics is the study of bodies in equilibrium...the fact that I dreamt I flew all the way to India for a teaspoon of cinnamon but when I got home I realized I needed flaked almonds too.”

In the midst of the daily commute, a charge suddenly hits the atmosphere and the mind is encapsulated by an electric feel. Intoxication, a glimmer of sunshine or the end of the working week; it all becomes obsolete as latent thoughts of both nostalgia & fantasy begin to manifest. The mind, struck by memories it's not sure ever happened, dreams of a world that may not exist. It is caught in a reverie; a moment it wished would never end.

The landscape that yesterday seemed trite & banal is suddenly filled with a magic that can't be touched, or even seen, but it can be felt. These moments may last several hours or only a fraction of a second, & then they are gone again. The will to reach out & take hold of the moment & keep it is overpowering.

Using inspiration from the works of Paul Graham & Stephen Shore, Escape to Reality is created based around the novel Ducks, Newburyport by Lucy Ellman. Escape to Reality is a stream of conscious narrative about the world and examines the relationship between an individual & their surroundings. It looks at how one identifies the equilibrium between that which they know, and that which remains unknown. The work is hopeful, and offers the viewer a way to see beyond the status quo into another realm of possibility where their imagination is the only limit.

Below I have created a site specific installation using inspiration from Helen Marshall which incorporates the work I have made for the Escape to Reality series with the voices of the public throughout the UK lockdown period. Ducks Newburyport is a stream of conscious narrative that page by page is seemingly meaningless but throughout the 988 pages of the novel builds up into a bigger picture of a woman's life and her concerns surrounding the political temperature of the United States of America. The mosaic below can be explored on a picture by picture level to show the individual moments of escape people have felt during the Covid-19 Lockdown, which when put together display a true "moment of escape" from the mundane, the everyday and the normal. The mind creating little moments of inexplicable magic  - whether real or imagined - showing us our realities; not ones we are escaping from but ones we are escaping to.